Top Benefits for Hotels With EV Charging Stations: A Guide for Hotel Owners

More and more hospitality leaders are recognizing the importance of installing electric vehicle (EV) chargers at hotels to increase customer amenities. Like Wi-Fi, accessible EV charging options are transitioning from a perk to a necessity for many modern travelers. 

Hotels with EV charging stations are not only better equipped to handle future EV adoption, but they’re also primed to capitalize on notable business and marketing advantages.

Read our blog to see how hotel owners can update their guest offerings! Or, if you’re ready to install an EV charging solution at little to no cost, book a free consultation with our team!

Earn a Competitive Edge

In a 2022 survey, the American Hotel and Lodging Association identified installing EV charging stations as one of the top emerging practices from leading hotels. About a quarter (26%) of the 17,000 surveyed hotels had an on-site EV charging station. 

Of those that didn’t have EV chargers, intent to install was highest for full-service hotels at 58%. Upper and upper-midscale locations were most inclined to install EV charging stations to accommodate their guests’ needs, with luxury hotels leading the pack at nearly 90% intent to install

The survey responses suggest that mid to high-end hotels in larger metropolitan areas see an opportunity to capture more market share by differentiating themselves through their amenities. EV charging stations help hotels stand out from the competition

Get Featured on Booking Sites and Apps

For EV owners, finding hotels with EV charging stations is one of their top priorities for stress-free travel. The easiest way to find the right hotel is to search on travel booking sites (e.g., Expedia, and filter for hotels that have EV chargers. Hotels can get featured on hospitality directories by updating their listing to include EV charging stations.

Hotels with public EV chargers can also be featured on EV charging station locator apps. These apps help widen your customer pool to include the general public. Savvy hotel owners can leverage the new customer base to build synergies with on-site hospitality offerings or other local businesses.

Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging booking sites and apps to earn more public exposure.

Use Tax Incentives to Reduce Installation Costs

Hotels can take advantage of tax incentives to install public Level 2 and Level 3 EV charging stations for little to no cost! These incentives allow hotels and other commercial businesses to expand critical EV infrastructure while reducing the installation barrier to entry.

Hotels may be eligible for greater financial incentives or rebates if they:


      • Install public Level 2 or Direct Current Fast Charging Stations (DCFC)

      • Are in or near disadvantaged communities

    By partnering with ChargeSmart EV, hotel owners don’t have to worry about finding rebates. Our expert team handles the entire process from start to finish, including inspecting the site, coordinating the installation, and filling out the paperwork for eligible incentive programs. 

    Generate New Revenue Streams

    Hotels with EV charging stations can develop new revenue streams by customizing charging costs and retaining a portion of the fee. Effectively managing your pricing model can help you boost your revenue as demand increases. Hotel owners can adjust: 


        • Charging fees per kWh

        • Premium membership fees for faster charging

        • How long an EV can charge per session

        • How much power is consumed while charging

      Hotel owners can even build charging fees into loyalty programs. For example, a higher guest membership tier might include unlimited free charging. Or, repeat customers might earn loyalty points redeemable at the hotel or affiliated hospitality brands.

      Improve Synergy With Local Businesses

      Public chargers can attract additional foot traffic, boosting your sales beyond guests. This is most beneficial for hotels with high-end dining, bars, and retail entertainment options

      Because drivers must wait a set time to charge their EV, they will often gravitate toward chargers near amenities and patron local businesses. The more time spent in a store or establishment, the more likely a patron is to increase their average spend.

      If your hotel is located near retail areas, eateries, and other hospitality areas, installing public EV charging stations can help build synergy with them. You can earn a profit from charges while establishing your hotel as part of a pillar in a larger hospitality hub.

      Attract High-End Guests

      Although EV options are diversifying, it’s no secret that the current EV market skews toward luxury models. The average starting price for many luxury EV models is about $83,000, which increases with add-ons and customizations. 

      Upper and upper-midscale hotels can attract luxury EV owners by providing EV charging stations to suit their needs. This can help boost sales for premium rooms and amenities packages.

      Meet Sustainability Goals

      As consumers turn to businesses to be more transparent with their sustainability practices, installing EV charging stations can help hotels align their brand with eco-friendly messaging. More readily available EV chargers can help more drivers switch to EVs, which drastically drives down tailpipe emissions from cars.

      Hotels with EV charging stations can help reframe traveling—an often luxury pastime that is not environmentally-friendly—into a more eco-conscious activity! Use analytics from your EV charging stations to understand how many estimated carbon emissions your hotel has prevented.

      Install EV Charging Stations at Your Hotel

      It’s clear that hotels with EV charging stations have more benefits than not. With free (or nearly free) installation options and the potential to drive higher revenue, hotel owners are gaining a competitive edge by investing in EV charging solutions.

      If you’re interested in installing an EV charging solution at your hotel or hospitality site, schedule a free consultation with our team. We’ll go over site specifications, custom solutions, and incentives—all you have to do is call!