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To use or access the charging station, please download our app before beginning your charging session.

Check out our Driver FAQs page if you want answers to the most common questions drivers may have.  Use our app to “favorite” stations, make a reservation for charging and more!

Hassle-Free Electric Vehicle Charging

Get access to our easy to use EV charging experience from our app.

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ChargeSmart EV app

Mobile App Features

Download our mobile app today to easily locate and charge your electric vehicle on-the-go.

How to Use Our App in 3 Easy Steps

1. Download the App on iOS or Android
Download the app on your smart phone and login or register to create an account. Choose the charging station based on location, station ID, availability, power level provided, and accessibility.

Then to initiate your charge, scan the QR code on the station or by entering the station ID through the mobile app.
2. Start Your Charging Session
Once the charger is activated, select the plug and insert the connector to your vehicle and make a payment if applicable.

During this time, feel free to run errands, do some shopping, grab a bite to eat or enjoy a short break from your day.

Note: There are 3 ways to make a payment—you’ll have to pay either on the ChargeSmart EV app, using the station's credit card reader, or using an RFID card.
3. Get Charged Up and Go
Finally, choose to be notified by an in-app message or email when your charge session is complete.

Or when you’re ready to get back on the road before your charge session is complete, return to the charger and stop your session on the screen.

Unplug the connector and return the connector in its holster.

We're Here for You 24/7

Sometimes things happen and you need help.  We’re available to answer questions you may have directly through the app and over the phone at (888) 717-4544  – day or night.