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Set Your Business Apart with Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

In recent years, there has been an increase in the demand for electric vehicle charging stations as more drivers switch to electric vehicles. In addition to offering electrical vehicle charging stations, stores and restaurants that offer such services are not only striving toward sustainability goals, but also provide EV drivers with the customer service they have come to expect. Approximately 10% of all automobiles sold will be electric by 2025. To attract and turn EV drivers into loyal customers, parking options must support electric transportation and facilitate a seamless visitor experience that supports electric transportation.

Increasing the length of time a customer spends in your establishment and increasing revenue can be achieved by retail stores/restaurants and franchises while minimizing operating expenses. Charge times for electric vehicles vary and depending on which level station you provide; charge times are typically around 30 minutes to 3+ hours. Customers that recharge their electric vehicles tend to remain at your establishment longer and purchase a greater amount of merchandise, food, and drink.



1. Initial Meeting

Potential participant contacts ChargeSmart EV to begin the process, and reviews program information.

2. Site Planning & Design

A certified electrician conducts a site visit to determine the scope of work. Program participant works with ChargeSmart EV and local utility, on proposed charger selection and site design.

3. Applications

ChargeSmart EV submits initial application to the local utility, to review incentive eligibility and site information, assessing costs and feasibility.

4. Implementation

ChargeSmart EV and the local utility will work together to install the “Make-Ready” infrastructure at your location.

5. Activation

Chargers are installed and activated. Program participant will provide necessary closeout documentation. The local utility will then issue payment, in accordance with the program timeline.

Why ChargeSmart EV?

  • Leading Charging Station Supplier
  • Level 2 / Fast (DCFC) EV Charging Stations Available
  • Assist with Claiming Potential Incentives
  • Industry Expertise
  • Certified Electricians

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