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EV Charging Stations for Municipalities

Electric vehicles offer cities/municipalities the most immediate environmental benefits: removing polluting internal combustion vehicles from the road and replacing them with zero-emission vehicles.

Mayors in the United States are preparing for the impending arrival of electric cars. Currently, approximately one million electric vehicles are on North American roads. Guidehouse Insights predicts that number to reach 1.8 million by 2030, and most analysts believe that estimate is conservative.

For planners to successfully manage the growing electric vehicle market in their city, it is essential to ensure that zero-emission vehicles have access to charging stations. The International Energy Administration (IEA) recommends that one public charging station be provided for every ten electric vehicles in a region. If cities wish to maintain this level of charging, they must step up their efforts.

First and foremost, electric vehicles should be convenient and affordable to charge. Consumers who have a positive experience with EVs are more likely to recommend them. Planners may be able to make the process easier by offering incentives to electric car owners, such as free parking, discounted charging, priority lanes, and exemption from congestion pricing.

As more and more people switch to electric vehicles, it is essential to have a robust network of EV charging stations in place.

We have installed EV charging stations in major cities , and we can help you create a charging network that meets the needs of your community.



1. Initial Meeting

Potential participant contacts ChargeSmart EV to begin the process, and reviews program information.

2. Site Planning & Design

A certified electrician conducts a site visit to determine the scope of work. Program participant works with ChargeSmart EV and local utility, on proposed charger selection and site design.

3. Applications

ChargeSmart EV submits initial application to the local utility, to review incentive eligibility and site information, assessing costs and feasibility.

4. Implementation

ChargeSmart EV and the local utility will work together to install the “Make-Ready” infrastructure at your location.

5. Activation

Chargers are installed and activated. Program participant will provide necessary closeout documentation. The local utility will then issue payment, in accordance with the program timeline.

Why ChargeSmart EV?

  • Leading Charging Station Supplier
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  • Assist with Claiming Potential Incentives
  • Industry Expertise
  • Certified Electricians

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