Apartment Complex

Residents of apartments and multi-unit properties can be attracted and retained

Obtain the attention of young professionals, the most sought-after target market worldwide, by staying one step ahead of your multifamily housing competitors. Offering top-notch amenities will increase employee retention and resident satisfaction.



1. Initial Meeting

Potential participant contacts ChargeSmart EV to begin the process, and reviews program information.

2. Site Planning & Design

A certified electrician conducts a site visit to determine the scope of work. Program participant works with ChargeSmart EV and local utility, on proposed charger selection and site design.

3. Applications

ChargeSmart EV submits initial application to the local utility, to review incentive eligibility and site information, assessing costs and feasibility.

4. Implementation

ChargeSmart EV and the local utility will work together to install the “Make-Ready” infrastructure at your location.

5. Activation

Chargers are installed and activated. Program participant will provide necessary closeout documentation. The local utility will then issue payment, in accordance with the program timeline.

Why ChargeSmart EV?

  • Leading Charging Station Supplier
  • Level 2 / Fast (DCFC) EV Charging Stations available
  • 90-100% Installation Rebate
  • Industry Expertise
  • Certified Electricians

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