Level 1 (Residential / Home Chargers)


Level 1 charging stations are considered the most affordable charging option available for all electric vehicles. This will most likely be the charger that came with your vehicle when you bought it.On top of that,  they can be extremely convenient for everyday use. They can be fitted into any standard wall outlet, and generally come tethered or untethered.

To give you a rough idea of ​​how long it takes to charge your vehicle when using a Level 1 charging station, the average time to fully charge the battery is usually around 8 hours.  This equates to around 5 miles per hour of charging. However, the overall charging time can certainly vary, from vehicle to vehicle.

Given the length of time to fully charge a vehicle, Level 1 charging stations are ideal for those looking for an efficient home charging station, to charge up cars overnight. However, they may not be the best choice for those who need faster charging.

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HQ 150

The Blink HQ 150 is the ideal single-family EV charging station. It offers 32 amp charging, is easy to install on a standard 240 AC circuit, and even easier to use. Simply plug in the 25 ft cable to your EV and start charging immediately or on a delay.

HQ 200

A new generation of home charging, the Blink HQ 200 is designed to make charging from the comfort of your home even easier, faster, and better.